hollowspaces.jpgA sharp realization. I am caged in the deep and sweet taste of the folding places of your body. Such an irretrievable loss to a petite woman like you. We lay in your little bed, underneath the warmth of the morning sun streaking across your room.
I kissed you -rested softly and languorously – the hollow of your neck, the tremulous veins of your wrists and inner arms, the supple curves of your breasts, the neatly formed creases under your toes, the dark shadow behind your knees, the curious shifts and nuances of your thighs – I took immense delight in tuning you, the instrument. your moves are graphic. You cry softly, as if you are writhing in pain, a sweet pain ! I could hear you whimper much as a small puppy will do. I wonder which corner of the field I could find you desolate to be nestled in the wrap of my shoulders.
I breathed in gently. The scent of your skin. I filled my lungs with the generous waves of soft scent, the cinnamon flavor, the streets intoxicated with roses, the rustle of breeze over the fragile dew drops. I also breathe in the hollow spaces. I lay back on the pillow’s cheek and tears streamed down my face.A body of silence between us. I listened to our breathing, quieting and heard a song of farewell faintly, between the shells of emptiness. I know, we both are silently gathering shadowy and nervous anxieties……..{reflected this considering the first ever interaction I am going to have with him}