I have given you a lot of thought in my bouts of restlessness and now am able to conclude that it’s going to be a long day…oh sanity, which corner of the house you’re tucked into ? what a mess I gathered over here, a bag of Frito Lays chips, a bottle of Coke, a pack of Ritz sandwich crackers, a jar full of murukkus, yellow hued letters, CDs- Pink Floyd, Cold Play, Jethro Tull’s Locomotive Breath etc etc..a whole lot of insecurities and wobbling thoughts massed over there in the corner of the couch…well, a few scribbles on that still a virgin paper, an aborted effort, seemed to pose a challenge for me! the empty space beckons me to fill the silence raising over it like that silky brown dust,but am lost somewhere,the wet path leading to a serene brook, the traces of footprints telling me stories about a stranger at the brook,the fragrance hanging heavily around the trees seemed to brood over the words to be spoken against the tiny ripples of excitement in the waters……YOU! I ran around the living room, flinging open windows like a mad creature. The shades of grey loomed around me, dark and silent, obscuring my view. A pause, are they shades of grey or guilt ? The secret, a part of me that I still have not shared with anyone else. A veiled truth which is potent enough to destruct lives. A lie I am sleeping with, a lie I am moving around with, a lie am breathing in and out silently, an evil thing that lurks in my heart, like that the grey ogre in the sky, causing the breeze to mellow down in its caress. I am a lie in the bed when he turns to face me. I am a lie when he draws me close to him, when the myriad of emotions caught me vulnerable, how pale and tender I look, while burying self deep into the hollow space of his shoulder, the warmest cocoon I could ever find for myself….! But am still thinking of you….and your call that never reached me!