“Within the gossamer lines of space,
my fragile heart punctuated at the sad junctions
created by you, gently uncurled a pain,

the known face, the familiar bench,
the bitter breeze, the cruel silence,
burdening the slender shoulders of hope

to scribble a new calligraphy, to weave new tunes.
a spontaneous delight surged ahead of the moment,
the thoughts pulse reckless and laddish,

glittering notorious streams, sweet scents
of anticipation filled my gloomy spaces.
I find self again with new rusted formats…”

Ash, my fav critic said, “it sounds staccatto at the end”.does that mean, you are now de-limboing? I like the phrase ‘slender shoulders of hope’… it is rich with meaning and imagery… however, there is a sadness in this poem that become obvious as one stumbles upon words and phrases that highlight this pathos. John felt it had a very good opening. The artistic angst is reflected in every word. But spent a lot of time searching for the meaning of “laddish.” Max sir encouraged me “the sojourn at Limboville seems to have ripened your poetic instincts. There’s a very fetching maturity in your words here. Loved this poem…”..I loved this a lot