A fresh day broke into her room, such an audacious intruder ! rustling through the thin cloth draped over her slender body, the morning glow sat cozy in the bed waiting to join in her soft breath. *Gaiety through leaves wafted in and rested on her lips. She pressed her face close to the window** and wondered how distorted her face would be looking to the world outside. How startlingly empty her face would be concealing those unsolved mysteries and interrupted dreams?

The garden is a trembling splash of green, innocent like that flowerbud shivering under the weight of dew drops. It’s going to be a bright and vibrant world, with roofs and windows gleaming with the raindrops that had been falling throughout the night.

He snuggled close to her and said, “it’s time baby! you have to get up, we need to leave now. Have you slept well?”. A restless wind seemed to have swept across her face, as she hugged self. She looked at her tiny feet and sighed, “you know Suraj, what did my feet dream of last night?”. She did not wait for him to ask her what. She continued as if she is still talking in her dream,”I went, no no, my feet went for a walk through those old castles hidden behind a dark forest. They screamed through the winding lanes of the village, and reached the sands. I found them searching happily for pebbles and broken shells on the sea shore.” He pursed his lips and gently said to her, “I am so jealous of you. You have such a pair of beautiful feet, which carry you over to all those wonderful places”. But he didn’t fail to notice a thin veil of sadness floating suddenly on her face.

She smiled wryly at him, curled away inside herself and murmured, “yes sure, it’s a widespread retreat! they take me to places where I need to leave no print. I run after that cheerful animal, an animal whose tender flesh covers her tiny bones, whose feet are always nimble, so active to dance upon the breeze, so playful to tease you when you are busy with your work”. He watched her helpless slipping under the quilt,still,continuing with her dreamy talk, “my heart yearns to find her again Suraj. I want to reach out to her. Why does my heart crave for someone who seemed ignorant of my existence ? who left me with a promise of not coming back ? I want her, the girl who used to run gaily through the fields ; who used to get teased by the velvety coat of grass rippling between her feet. I want her to come back to me”

Dead calm fell clumsily between them as he moved away from her, a deformed figure, her paralyzed body lying limpid on the bed. An alien love shining through tears! After moments of silence the wind chimes sing by the door. He hears them and expected her on the steps behind the door.

**Closed wing of the window.
*Gaiety flew in through the opened wing of the window

“Your departing footprints are still before the door, the bloom of my face has faded and all forsaken, I am sitting with my sorrow ~Christina Rossetti~”