“Dead butterfly
torn wings
oranges and blues
stains of death
on my hands”

ugh,Robin Alter said..he screamed this is shame…I said,tch tch..excuse me,why do you think that I am the “hell’s angel for that poor butterfly”? please do come out of that “cause n effect” mode of mindset (smiles!)
a) death of that living thing/poor little creature could be natural
b)cant rule out the possibility of a silly/high risk venture by that poor little thing
c)natural calamities – high winds etc..
d)lack of food (for thought n action) etc..etc..
let’s look at the scenario : I found this dead butterfly and lifted it, felt sorry for its death n rested its slender body on a flower….kind n humane a move! Mr Alter retorted :Please, I am not so easily distracted or persuaded by your frilly words. Clearly, there are deep pangs of guilt seeping through your every denial.
a. Sure, death is natural, kinda sucks though when expedited for one’s distorted pleasures
b. Great, blame it on the victim, the butterfly was asking for it
c. Very sensitive to write a poem about the deaths caused by “natural calamities” (coincidently named Zephyr, a westerly wind)
d. Lack of food doesn’t usually leave stains, but culpability does and also snatching the “slender body from a flower” “tearing wings” leaving “oranges and blues stains of death on my hands”
You have confessed it all, just admit it. A Very Concerned Citizen.Ohm Shanti ..(haha). While John lauded me..very evocative poem. Brings back memories of the days we used to chase butterflies and never even get to touch them like Anu did.
Seems that such short poems are open to vast oceans of interpretation. So do not spar, spare your words for a few more verses like this and make the board crackle with your joie de vivre!