“All alone, I found myself
in a reluctant season,
A woman of naked breasts
filling the empty spaces
with the conversations
mixed with laughter,
tea kettle and the warm
aroma of fresh baked bread
in the kitchen, a week before
the desolation
of this afternoon.

All alone, I found myself
with no movement in the house
save for the dances of sunlight
traced from the curtains drawn
close. A sweet intrusion,
a moment enamored with
abated breath,a soft turn
Of the door knob,
I will wait for the next season,
like the future, you will crack
open into my dark room, as the
sunlight shines through the creak
Of the window.

I will wait for the next carnival
of emotions at my door,
to run after you in the
orchard again,
to share the sunshine
with you again,
to shake the trees and
gather those delicious
berries again!”
—written for Vani and Munny. that summer when they came to India