“Hey child, move lightly, sway carefully
as if you are wrapped up in a gentle song,
lest you disturb serenity of those blossoms
fallen heavy dipped in melted blue skies,and
the scent dispersed from brooding trees!”
Fred said, let children learn to see things through your poetic eyes.She said Your imagery is vivid and fresh…..your words have left a lingering trace of their smell and colours on my mind :)).shan asked me how long will that child live in the Garden of Eden? In illuminating innocence? I wish I could hear this in your dulcet voice.and you retain that dash of excited innocence. umm, I say the show was lovely, met appreciative audiences ..thank you!

“hey look at you again” I cried in a still sleepy yet fresh voice, a gay laugh echoed around us. he lifted his head and looked at me strangely, his eyes seem to say “hey woman, what’s wrong with you? I tread more delicately than ever when I see those flowers fallen on the ground, cause they are wet, they carry water-bodies and I hate my slender feet getting wet”. well, this’s the thought process behind this tiny observation I’d made during my morning walks with my doggie.But it did not stop over there, somewhere, somehow it made me a bit more sensitive to those fallen flowers/leaves/fruits n I started treading softly around the fringes of the surface draped with these fallen things,drenched water bodies. I truly felt sad for them and didnt want to disturb their peaceful existence on the ground…a bit more sensitive towards the living things n dying things around us!
Have told no one but Pawan who loved the piece pre-the doggie story, and reacted a bit wild post-learning the story. It made me wonder would the piece lose its significance when the perceived protagonist a child is replaced by a lovely tender creature, a dog!