“Being lost to the evening of a long hot day
as the sunset quickened its dark shadows
across the smog shrouded streets,

I gazed at the disheveled and dirty kids
dark and hunger-driven faces gleaming with
the exciting sounds of street pebbled cricket,
at the team of skinny and weary laborers
trudging slowly,dirt streaked sweat drenched
bodies, haunting an image of existence
fighting hunger, humiliation and pain;
a fleeting moment of glance left me
with disturbing and hazy reminders
of troublesome and grim lives

In silence I walked past them,
my voice muffled in grief and
unrecognizable hope of a brighter
day and night for those battered souls

I left the street crowded
with toil and struggle

tried to capture the essence of the grime and dirt of a Big City Life. Though I detest Mumbai, the commmercial capital of India,”A GHETTO”, I always find this city throbbing with energy, vibrancy and it seemed to demand a lot from an individual..it drives one!
‘What is this life if full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?’ -William Henry Davies
A city that never sleeps,
A linear landscape that offers contrasting views of life
A city counters time, not bound by the dimension
Surprisingly, both the poverty and squalor of this city enable most of us to illustrate our vignettes with refreshing openness and candor, not the lifestyle/prosperity/progressive attitude of the city. In fact, we have seen most well known n well read books set against the backdrop of middle class/struggling class of Mumbai,while candy floss remained the property of Bollywood