“The helpless crawl
rough-hewn stones
the knotted tears
crissed and crossed
on a sallow face
the cracked cries
of a baby face
for a warm breast
the bewildered pauses
as the soft breeze
gurgled past

I lay withered,
listening to all
my wooden heart!”
We feel, we are entrusted with this responsibility to do justice to the values/belief systems we were brought up with, given a situation pertaining to the suffering of a muddled world. However,most times, we find ourselves helpless/doing nothing, but staring at it blank or expressionless….we are forced to breach the trust and stay with a wooden expression. Recall Nabokov’s quote on this kind of weird human behaviour, why we react thus? most of us would have seen those babies crawling against those sharp stones,wailing for their mothers, who are labourers busy with their respective construction related tasks. their innocence is lost at such a tender age as they have to learn to take care of themselves as the hard-hearted sun shines upon them crudely,while the unfriendly external world remains cold and distant. n I too belong to this world!
Ajji says, thanks for having clear eyes that could see that happening, a beautiful tender heart that could feel that happening and a brilliant mind that could capture and express through the words.
Anand sir says,”Eyes that can see,Mind that can show”                                  Fred says, Stunninly beautiful and with a deep soul. What more can a young girl have. For you to see life through a baby’s unfathoming eyes, one who really only wants love but gets pain instead. O my. That’s so sad.