“I approached him
So skinny, so filthy
so sad and forlorn
a lamentable image
trotting along the path

Have I missed something?
the sparkle in his eyes
the sweet anticipation
of his wild sprints against
the breeze across
the stinking surroundings
and the dirty water

Why the moon looking down
on my weak state of mind ?
why the motor moving
forward reluctantly ?

The moment there
pealed out a cry
of prolonged and
piercing pain

I stayed in

Tears of remorse
tears of indignation
streaking across my face
overwhelmed with horror
of having committed
a crime!

His body, a horrid wound
hacked living flesh
blood blending with
the dust of the path
coloring the surface
pain followed
by the cries of death

The crickets,
the soft breeze,
the culprit
as he died

Sincere apologies
the Culprit – Me!
**the poor stray dog got hit by my car previous night On the “Magical moonlit night”
Like many an avid dog lover,I believe in the mindset of “my little dog-a heartbeat at my feet” {Edith Wharton}. How would I react when I find self facing a situation that led me to snatch away a heartbeat? A humble effort to appease the feelings of guilt/remorse in me, resulted in a note to the ill-fated dog’s soul, as I was desperate to release my emotions to/share my grief with the world

….”Are we not killers? some of free thought, even as others for it fought. some of unbridled joy even as from inside it screamed ahoy, if it’s the killing  that makes you despair remember it’s God at work and repair”….{Raju}
@”A soulful regret, a grief still wet…
@ Anjan sir said,
“Reflections of the moon
on my imagined lunacy
fuel the reluctant thrust
of the motor driving me”

making the stanza fully alliterative

“…perchance I perceive
A pathetic peal
of prolonged
and piercing pain”                                                                                        (Or were his silent accusations ground beneath the wheels?)