“So I sit here hurt
in front of you
listening to you saying
it was a mistake,
a beautiful mistake
creating so many ifs

I look around
everything seems better,
but why does everything seem
bitter to me?
my words should explain
how much I hurt
but why are my words not
escaping from me ?
my words wont come

I sit and wonder
looking at you
what it would be like,
to be held in your arms
how would I feel
to swing in your arms
hearing that soothing
lullaby of yours
what if everything was
a mistake….

Everything seems better
though everything seems
bitter to me
Am I just realizing
you turned, smoothly
blame into a canopy”

Such a strong tendency in most of us that we often do it – when things go wrong, we tend to blame ourselves [I must have done something wrong…] It’s that overwhelming uncertainty about things around one or a desire not to hurt the other person by revealing how one feels when he/she gets hurt …in this caching, one gets tiny glimpses of the inner battle “but if I didn’t say it, well I’d still have felt it”