“Bleak seasons descend slowly,uninvited,
to dwell in the naked bodies-the wild
wanderers among lands of desire,
Oh! such a turbulent pause for the
splurge of exulted bodily performance
underneath the sheets,glorified by
the shimmering shards of sunlight.

Writhing in pain,I clutched at
my agitated heart,wanting not
the whetted appetites,but the
tenderest touch of yours,as you
left me muddled in the layers
of silence to confront the
army of solitude,the expanse
of emptiness behind
the dusty windows!”

Why some come into our lives and exit quickly some stay longer and exit abruptly? (Ajji says),  square or abstract, this window moved me with its emptiness. and since i was holding the bowl of holy water for its baptism, i could only say that. otherwise, i always hate you for being able to write such beautifully in spite of living in this materialistic world. i really do. Dusty windows
Dark rooms, unopened
Secrets, locked in
Angels, of a time past
Devils today if let loose
Genies, in bottles of time 

“Those rustles
muffled voices
murmured ceaselessly
in my breast
I stay alive
till they stir…”