Mr Phil Dusenberry aptly said – we are in the Parity economy! what a thing to worry about. This seems to be creating sleepless nights for not just that plethora of brands beaming at the consumers from the shop shelves, but to everyone, to all of us! how to stand out, how to create that distinct slot amongst the crowds milling about the heartlands of the city, clad in Denims, with or without a hapless boy friend or girl friend? At the base level, the features one is born with! sure, dnot you think, one’s great looking features and fabulous body need to be complemented by one’s attitude and a state of mind-ever cherubic & that impactful expression? yes, that’s where I stop…most of us, these days, interact with many at a time. It could be we are becoming more promiscuous (read overt!) in our actions/thoughts or we are able to create more spaces in our lives and able to allocate defined roles for each one of our friends/mates or we are getting restless with the existing ones and seek change all the time. umm, so should I be the objectivist as defined by Milan Kundera, to differentiate self from the other women in men’s lives? well, my dear men love me for ‘not being clingy, syrupy and soapy’. Dont you think the other women are aware of this universal truth? segmentation, my dear, aware not tried, aware/tried but not sustained, not aware etc etc..forget the not’s the sustainability factor that lends me the edge and that could be the reason why men remain ‘glued’ to Jyo…umm, so ‘in a relationship, there is no space for sentiments and no claim over the other’s freedom and life’…respect the space factor!

I step
out of my space
towards you.
I meet words
that are silent.
Your space!