umm,…I remember the first time I met a real crazy one. And what I mean is someone that you wouldn’t think was crazyThe first step is such a little beauty…how true the axiom is ‘The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult”. when we take the first move or the step, in whatever we do,we are almost tuned to ‘change’. Of course,we nurture mixed feelings – a feeling of uncertainity {fear of failure lurks around the corner) and a surge of excitement of doing something that never was done before. oh, the battle continues between the ‘need to belong’ (*to the existing pattern of doing things) and the ‘need to be different’….
I still remember, when dad was after my life (let me use the language) to teach bi-cycling, I used to armour self with many stories, many physical/health disorders etc etc…and every time I used to watch all my excuses falling apart lifeless,and mount my bicycle, unwillingly. It was the cycle of hate and vengeance!The most embarrassing moment was when I held the brakes so admiringly, kept pedalling the bi-cyle, n murmured to him that there’s something wrong with the bike,not moving forward an inch. He noticed my firm grip over the brakes n hit hard at my fingers…in front of everyone!tears of embarrassment and shame streamed down my cheeks with a sense of abandonment n i decided not to ride the cycle ver again…but he was relentless and I still remember the moment (lingers wth the same freshness) when I took that first surge on the cycle without him holding it back (for balance), turned back to see him running behind me, the fear of me being all alone n the cycle was replaced by the happiness …ala a free bird…since then, I never looked back! reached this point of being a ‘rash driver-hell’s angel behind the wheels’….the first step that I took to dominate the road, to sway with the devices/machines (of transportation) would stay with me forever..
“The wind stirs my hair,
the sun claims my face,
quivering I spread
my arms to the
winding road…”
*’First step’